Bespoke Suits

An experience in true luxury

An Encounter Like No Other

J.TOOR is best known for our bespoke tailored garments, each one a distinctive garment making it an item of desire for the true connoisseur; with a passion for the handmade and an eye for refinement. When worn our bespoke garments are a satisfying experience for not only you as the wearer, but also those who experience you in it.


“It’s the difference between flying first class and flying on a private jet.

Once you go bespoke, you’ll never go back.”

– Edward Sexton

A Bespoke Suit


Our bespoke service is truly a handcrafted process that offers the highest level of workmanship. A minimum of 60 hours of labor go into the creation of each handmade-bespoke garment taking into account not only your measurements, but all the subtle nuances to your posture, stance and overall build. This results in a much more accurate, contoured, balanced and comfortable garment than any custom or made-to-measure garment.

Each client has an organic pattern individually crafted for them. Therefore, you may commission the construction of garments with unique details not otherwise available from the typical custom clothier. Whether you prefer versatile classics or statement show-pieces, no design request is too unique. Every detail is important, and every suit is unique. When you invest in one of our bespoke suits, you’ll get quality that will last a lifetime.

By virtue that each piece is hand-cut and hand sewn for each individual, it affords the wearer a level of fit, feel, wear and value that are unmatched in the marketplace.

The Bespoke Process
  • We start by taking extensive measurements to create your own personal pattern that is individually drafted and cataloged.
  • We select fabrics only from the finest mills in Europe to ensure quality and longevity in our crafted garments.
  • A Basted fitting where the suit is temporarily stitched together with white basting thread can be done upon request.
  • A Bespoke garment can typically be completed within 2 to 3 fittings.
  • The overall delivery time of a completed Bespoke garment is usually between 4 to 6 weeks from date of commission.
  • We use the finest materials to construct your garment including: horse-hair canvassing, silk print and jacquard linings and assortment of mother-of-pearl, leather, horn, corozo and metal buttons.
  • Hand-stitched full canvas which blend of wool and horsehair is stitched in between the lining and suit fabric, providing support for the suit and making it drape better. Fully Canvassed Stitching by hand step by step to achieve a durability in our suit like no other.
  • Hand-sewn top collars, under collars, shoulder linings, armholes, sleeves and coat bottoms create a soft, supple fit and hang with a sturdy finish, that machine tailoring cannot achieve.
  • Hand-formed lapels and tacked canvassing allow for the garment to settle and shape to the wearer.
  • Hand-sewn buttonholes to achieve a finish and beauty that machine stitched buttonholes simply can never achieve.
  • Hand-stitched pic-stitching is applied to the garment providing the unmistakable look of a hand finished garment.
  • Throughout tailoring and during final fittings your garments are pressed and shaped by hand.

J.TOOR’s signature designs have been featured on the runway in New York Fashion Week, style publications, and worn regularly by notable personalities in the performing and fine arts world, professional sports and business.

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