Custom Jeans

The Fashion Staple: Evolved

No mere off the rank denim

At J.TOOR, we help our clients build their perfect pair of jeans. Each pair is made using premier raw denim, many of which are grown and milled here in the United States. The quality of the jean begins with quality denim and we use the best in the world. We also source fabrics from other highly regarded denim mills located in Italy and Japan. With a wide variety of weights, colors, and materials, we have the perfect raw denim fabric for everyone.

Custom Jeans create the high end casual look you desire.

  • We take up to 16 measurements and hand draft patterns for every client. This personal touch allows us to make a jean that fits you!
  • Rivets, belt loops, custom pocket bags, monograms, you name it
  • We strive to make sure clients receive their jeans in 4-6 weeks.

The best design for you will be determined at your appointment, based on the occasion, time of year, and your individual style. You are also encouraged to consider your tuxedo in a chic midnight blue, black, of course, being the standard.

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