Custom Knitwear & Sweaters

Casual Comfort

Your Favorite Sweater In The Making

At J.TOOR, we design our custom knitwear to be comfortable, functional and stylish. For work, play or life in general, our custom sweaters can be worn and enjoyed at all times. 

Just like dress shirts, most off the rack knitwear pieces never fit well.  At J.TOOR we ensure that you the perfect fit for your unique body type, whether you are extremely athletic, are looking for an extreme slim fit, have a couple of pounds to lose, are looking for big and tall sweater or just want something that doesn’t feel like a bag!

Customize Your Look

In addition to getting your ideal fit you get to design the garment as well. You’ll get the option of choosing from a variety of different yarns and gauges ranging from wools to cashmeres. You can pick from the many knitwear styles we have models of or you can bring in photos or sketches of what you are looking for.

We offer variety of custom knit garments which includes many variations of sweaters, pull overs, cardigans, jackets, zip-ups, vests, scarves, knit hats and more.

At J.TOOR, we create custom sweaters that will help you look and feel your best. Schedule an appointment with our award winning design team today.

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