Wedding & Special Occasion

A Look To Be Remembered

Dressing for the Occasion

It’s the biggest day of your life and you’ve never been happier. You’ve picked the perfect venue, the ideal decor, and have even hired a wedding photographer to immortalize this special occasion for all posterity.

Most weddings usually focus squarely on the Bride with a lot of time and money invested in making sure she looks, and feels, like a million bucks.

At J.TOOR we make sure that you, the Groom, shine just as brightly as your partner. Whether it’s a classic tuxedo, a tropical suit for a beach wedding, or a more contemporary styled garment that can be worn well after the wedding, we ensure that the silhouette, appearance and design of you and your groomsmen’s garments will be a perfect fit for this special occasion.

We offer wedding discounts to make sure you stay within your budget too!

Wedding Day & Rehearsal Dinner

At J.TOOR we’ll have you looking your best for both the big day as well as the wedding rehearsal dinner.  Why not have some fun and show your personality with a fun sport coat? We’ll have you looking sharp and presentable for all those memorable photo moments with friends and loved ones.


Wedding Wardrobe Package

Starting From $3,195

Wedding Day Outfit:
3-Piece Suit or Tuxedo
1 Custom Formal Shirt
1 Necktie or Bowtie
1 Pocket Scarf

Rehearsal Dinner Outfit:
1 Sport Coat
1 Custom Casual Shirt
1 Pocket Scarf

The Tuxedo

Primarily worn for uniformity and formality of function, a properly fitted tuxedo is extremely elegant and should mirror the bride’s gown. At J.TOOR, our expert designers can help you get the perfect custom tuxedo for your wedding.

The bride should not be in a cocktail or semi-formal dress. Your partner’s attire should match yours in level of formality. Generally, the occasion calls for a sit-down dinner and several groomsmen and bridesmaids.

The ceremony usually commences in the evening (after 5 PM).


Wedding Tuxedo Package

Starting From $1,495.00
$1,695.00 with vest

Super 120’s Tuxedo
Black or Midnight Blue
Custom Formal Shirt
Necktie or Bowtie
Pocket Scarf

Mens wedding apparel
The Wedding Suit

If you know that you will never wear a tuxedo again and the occassion doesnt require you to wear one, then the suit is a fantastic option. It also allows you to enjoy the suit long after the wedding.

At J.TOOR, our custom wedding suits are tailored specifically for each individual. We work directly with you to find the perfect fit, style, and color to coordinate with your partner and accentuate your best features.

For an afternoon ceremony, consider navy, admiral blue, or a medium grey. For an evening ceremony (after 5 PM) consider midnight blue, charcoal, or black.

The suit is practical, and in every case looks better than the rented option. Finished with a white or ivory French cuff shirt, solid tie, and a boutonnière, you’ll look outstanding.


Wedding Suit Package

Starting From $1,295.00
$1,595.00 with vest

Super 120’s Suit
Custom Dress Shirt
Pocket Scarf

Wedding Parties

At J.TOOR we can not only dress you but your entire wedding party too, and offer great group package rates for parties of 4 or more.

We often host suit “fitting” parties for groomsmen groups our showroom, where everyone enjoys their favorite beers or bourbons of choice while  being measured for their wedding garments. Its a great experience for the men in the wedding to get together and celebrate!


Groomsmen Package

20% off suits or tuxedos for four or more gentlemen.

Your wedding party may include anyone who is participating:
Groom, Groomsmen, Ushers, and Special Guests.

(specials may not be combined)

A Lasting Impression

Please visit us and preview the best options for your wedding celebration.
We have a variety of formalwear options on display in-store.
You are able to choose from a wide variety of linings, or even design your own.
We create garments for approximately 6 weddings each week.
From the most unique ensembles, to the most traditional and classic weddings, you can count on us for guidance.

In a J.TOOR custom suit you can be sure that you’ll look as good as you feel on your big day, and it will show in the wedding pictures that will last a lifetime.

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