Our Process

An Experience Rooted in Heritage

Information Session

In the market for a custom garment?

An Information Session provides an overview of our custom and Handmade Bespoke service offerings. Talk with one of our expert fitters to learn more about our process, fabric offerings, pricing and design options. Clients who are considering building their first custom garments usually find this very informative in making their decision.


Ready to build your new custom garment?

Schedule a Consultation appointment with one of our experienced J.TOOR Designers & Fitters to design, fit and commission your new garments. You will discuss performance, fabrics, colors, and styles, as well as get measured for your new garments. The details and process of our consultation are listed below.

The Process

1. The Introduction


Understanding your background and personal style is an important part of creating the right look, so we will begin with some Q & A to find out about your individual needs.
Browse through fabric swatches sourced from the top European mills and select a few options.

2. The Measurements


Measurements are the next step in the process. Pretty simple for you, just stand in the comfort of the showroom and we’ll take care of the rest.
We do more than record numbers from the measuring tape. It’s the subtle differences in a man’s form that is notable such as posture, shoulders and prominent features found in the athletic form or simply unflattering proportions that most want minimized.

Our efforts will have an average man look an inch or two taller and 15 pounds lighter, easily. With 25 points of measure, your garment is guaranteed to look great.
Often, disappointed gents bring us their custom clothing from other custom clothiers to improve or replace. Some can be repaired, some cannot. We’ll help you understand the biggest mistake custom clothiers make (and don’t even know it) hint; it’s usually the shoulders on a jacket and the crotch on a trouser.


3. The Timeline


In approximately 4 weeks (3 weeks for shirts), we will schedule your fist fitting.
We’re able to offer a faster turnaround time for full-bespoke as there is a team of tailors focusing on your specific garments.

Because our garments are far more “custom” than other clothiers and don’t offer the direct ship “custom” experience (which to us isn’t really custom at all), you can expect an average of 2-3 fittings. We won’t send you home with the garment until we are mutually satisfied with your fit.

If you have a date requirement or deadline for delivery, we will discuss probability without an additional rush fee. Our return policy includes our delivery commitments.


4. The Fit


Put on your custom garment and enjoy. We’ll make any adjustments to ensure your clothes are perfect.
Even if you don’t notice, we won’t let it out of our showroom until it exudes perfection.
After determining fit and your satisfaction, your adjusted garments are delivered the following week.
Occasionally, no additional adjustments are needed on clothing and seldom are adjustments required for shirts in which case, your items will be delivered that day.


5. The Style


Our commitment is to provide the information and recommendations that will enhance your image and maximize your budget, offering garments that coordinate well and flatter you.

Occasionally, we will explain the disadvantage of a particular style or color (based on your proportions or skin tone) and offer an alternative.

There’s no guess work involved, only sound, expert advice. Ultimately, you’ll leave looking – and knowing how to look – your best.


6. The Guarantee


We take your business and your expectations seriously. We are so confident in our garment, service and delivery schedule that we offer a full refund. That kind of confidence is rare in the custom industry, in fact, some custom clothiers require you to sign a “no money back damage waiver.” Yikes…


7. Back for More


You don’t really think you’ll be able to go back to ready-made after this experience and understanding what custom menswear is really about?

Let’s go back to the other fabrics you loved back in step one. Your measurements are on-file.


J.TOOR’s signature designs have been featured on the runway in New York Fashion Week, style publications, and worn regularly by notable personalities in the performing and fine arts world, professional sports and business.