Dents – Mens – Two Colour Leather Driving Gloves – BLK/GRY Hairsheep 15-1091

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  • Colors: Black/Gray
  • Materials: Hair sheep leather
  • Size: 7.5-11


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Made from premium hairsheep leather for a supple and smooth finish

The sheep that provides the leather grows hair, not wool, hence its name. The fine hair leaves no markings resulting in smooth leather. Favoured for its natural strength and elasticity, hairsheep leather is generally acknowledged as the best leather for gloves. Durable and supple, this is an excellent choice for lasting comfort.

Dents was founded in 1777, in Worcester, England. From its earliest days the company was an active exporter, successfully selling to the finest shops and stores in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.
The skill and craftsmanship which underpin Dents’ worldwide reputation are still very much in evidence, and today the company continues to exercise that care and attention to detail which has been its hallmark since 1777.