Hommard - Andromeda Wool/Yak/Cashmere 1/4 Button - Charcoal

Hommard – Andromeda Wool/Yak/Cashmere 1/4 Button – Charcoal

$450.00 $180.00

  • 4- Button Mock Neck
  • Trimmed with Woven Striped  Cotton Fabric inside Placket
  • Carbon Stitch Knit Pattern
  • Real Horn Buttons
  • 65% Baby Wool 25% Yak 10% Cashmere
  • Made in Italy
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The Hommard collection is created with the most beautiful material in mind as an inspiration,: Cashmere. The moment we touched this super soft fiber, it became an obsession to start working with this, and trying to create unique and reinvented classics out of this material. Hommard started in 2009, the whole collection was made out of pure cashmere, sourced from authentic factories in Mongolia and Italy.

Putting on your first cashmere sweater, touching the softness of the finest fibers in the world. There’s a certain irreversibility in that moment. A dedication to quality.

Hommard embraces the classic and timeless cashmere, but transforms it for the modern contemporary man. No jumper around the shoulders. We call it a sweater and wear it. The Hommard man is a world savvy man. Always on the pursuit for opportunity but knows when to hit the brakes and enjoy life. With a comfortable, great looking garment to support his quest.