King Baby – Monkey Knot 10mm Carnelian Bead Bracelet- K40-5875C

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  • 10MM Carnelian Beads
  • .925 Silver Monkey Knot Bead
  • Size: 8.75″



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There’s a call to abandon the known and discover the world anew, to retreat back to the elements of the Earth. While reflecting on the raw and wild landscape, an inner reflection of the self starts to take place. Past, present, and the ultimate passage of surrendering to the unknown all converge to awaken us to a new sense of self and our place in the world. Each piece invites the wearer to add their own meaning and significance to the long standing history in the collection’s elements. Vision Quest embodies the timeless Eastern philosophies of meditation, grounding, surrender, minimalism, and quiet strength.

The King Baby classics are inspired by the founders life experiences. His mother’s rose garden, his infamous aunt from New Orleans, the story of a customer’s desire to memorialize his grandmother’s lifetime service in the military or the crazy world of a rock n’ roll celebrity client, each piece holds a special meaning that touches the soul and is eternally stylish.

King Baby is designed for jewelry enthusiasts who appreciate value and artisan products. These special pieces capture the spirit of America with rock n’ roll sex appeal.

King Baby iconic pieces like the traditional MB Cross, the heart pendant, and the rose and wing rings are pieces that tell one’s story. Skulls and lions, daggers and handcuffs, all make the bold statement “For the Chosen Few”.