Parfums de Marly – Habdan


  • Top: frankincense, saffron
  • Middle: apple, agarwood, rose
  • Base: amber, maltol
  • Mood: Elegant, sexy, indulgent, exotic
  • 4.2 oz
  • Made in France


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As one of the five primary purebred Arabian strains, the Habdan is a symbol of grace and power, a horse that has distinguished itself many times over on both the battlefield and the race track. Habdan the fragrance is similarly versatile, a wondrous swirl of thick, balsamic notes and warm spices, sweet caramel and crisp fruit, all combining to create a rich unisex scent as indulgent as a gourmand but as sexy as an oriental. Opening with a gorgeous, complex saffron stretched across regal frankincense, Habdan then moves into a heart of smoky agarwood buoyed by fragrant rose and crisp, juicy apple, leading into an extended drydown of warm amber and opoponax. Noble, elegant and majestic, Habdan is an exotic delight.