Brackish – Plum Thicket Pin – Jekyll (Peacock) – Large / 9 cm Length

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  • Brackish Bowties pin with natural turkey, pheasant, and guinea feathers (USA).
  • Attached with hand-selected thorns from plum thickets with gold pin at back.
  • Can be worn as a lapel pin, brooch, or hat pin. 
  • Packaged in copper tin over burlap. 
  • Approx. 2.8″H. 
  • Made in USA. 


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Handcrafted in South Carolina with hand-picked feathers, each Brackish Bowtie is one-of-kind—just like the dapper gentleman who wears it. Founder Ben Ross conceptualized the brand after recognizing a need for traditional Southern men’s accessories that were sustainable and artistic. By modernizing the bowtie, Ross has boosted the reputation of this often-overlooked piece and given interesting men more options for formal dressing.