Tateossian – Rho/Carbon fibre Cufflink – Blk/Combo – CL6636

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  • Plated Metals
  • Interactive lock mechanics


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With our new Combination Lock Collection, we have conspired to bring motion and life to the seemingly static. Initially developed in Roman times, the ingenious device of the ‘combination lock’ has fascinated minds for eons. In modern context, lucky number 777 is used to define a jackpot win. This impressive design integrates the mechanism of a padlock with a winning combination. Lucky number seven, striking in intricate hand enamelled red to highlight the luck associated with the number and colour to bring good fortune, is the winning code that opens the dynamic pieces. Cufflinks are available in rhodium or gunmetal plated base metal and feature carbon fibre to add a masculine and stylish finish to the edge of the cufflinks. A matching tie pin and bracelets are available in sterling silver rhodium plated finish.