Tateossian – Rhodium Cufflink – Mizuhiki / Japanese Braid

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  • Rhodium Plated
  • Japanese Braided Cufflinks
  • Color: Red and Silver


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An extremely interesting and unique pair of cufflinks. Mizuhiki is an ancient Japanese art form using radiant and bends resistant cords. It is a finely twisted paper string about 1mm diameter and commonly 90cm in length. The black threads are made from traditional handmade Japanese paper called ‘Washi’ wrapped in nylon and the coloured ones are wrapped in polyester. Washi is commonly made using fibres from the bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata shrub, or the paper mulberry, but also can be made using bamboo, hemp, rice, and wheat. Each sheet of paper takes months to make and the washi paper is made especially for us in an artisanal fashion by a husband and wife team based in Tokyo. We have used top quality Japanese Mizuhiki – Kazari-Itomaki, which is exceptionally radiant in colour and considerably water and bend resistant. Our extremely talented Japanese craftsmen handcraft each piece which takes incredible skill and time to complete. We have captured each square within our new square Panorama case, which acts as a viewing piece, with windows on each side allowing the Mizhuhiki to be fully appreciated from all angles. An exceptional design, featuring a unique, never seen before technique in jewellery. A one of a kind idea. Rhodium plated base metal.

Tateossian London was founded by Robert Tateossian in 1990 with the aspiration of offering men and women a distinctive way to express their personality and style through unique, refined and meticulously crafted accessories. A sense of playfulness and free movement are intricately entwined in the brand’s DNA and are often reflected in the designs, delivering unique yet wearable pieces.