Tateossian – Sterling Silver Cufflink – Cameo Skull

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  • Sterling Silver
  • Cameo Skull
  • Color: Red, White, and Silver


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Cameo is a technique used in jewellery since Roman times where an object is carved into a gem creating a negative image or relief. However, it was during the Renaissance that jewellers started using shell as the main medium. Each of our cameo cufflinks feature a white skull relief image on brown seashell. Due to the unique nature of the shells and the traditional carving technique used, every design will be one of its kind.

Tateossian London was founded by Robert Tateossian in 1990 with the aspiration of offering men and women a distinctive way to express their personality and style through unique, refined and meticulously crafted accessories. A sense of playfulness and free movement are intricately entwined in the brand’s DNA and are often reflected in the designs, delivering unique yet wearable pieces.