Tiziana Terenzi Luna Cassiopea

Tiziana Terenzi Luna Collection – Casseopeia


  • Top notes: Passionfruit, lemon, cassis, fern
  • Middle notes: Carnation, lily of the valley, rosa tea
  • Base notes: Sandalwood, fava tonka, musk
  • Extrait de Parfum
  • 100ml


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Cassiopea pays homage to the carefree days spent in Frontone, a small village and location of the Terenzi family holiday home. The passionate fragrance is the story of a wonderful journey on the wings of imagination, of the eternal child within us, who passed a hot summer night counting shooting stars.
Opening with the exotic freshness of passionfruit, the fragrance sparkles with citrus notes of tangy lemon, cassis and earthy fern. Lily of the valley, carnation and rosa tea add a calming sensuality before the fragrance evolves into a glorious depth of warm sandalwood, tonka and musk. An opulent, magnificent scent, which lingers on the skin.