Vocier – Black Leather Dopp Kit


  • Transparent window for security
  • 3 German made refillable bottles
  • Fits in carry on luggage


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The VOCIER black leather Dopp kit is perfect for essential toiletries. One side of the bag is a transparent window made from scratch-proof plastic. This provides unrestricted viewing of the bag’s contents for security personnel. The opposite side has a full-length zipper pocket for small items like vitamins and earrings. Also included are three German-made transparent travel bottles. These refillable bottles meet all international travel restrictions for carry-on liquid volumes. The bottles also feature vacuum-pump caps to extract lotions and liquids. The black leather Dopp kit fits into our carry-on luggage Fast Pass™ pocket for access during security checks. The total capacity of the Dopp kit is 1 liter, and each travel bottle holds 50ml of liquids.

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