Bespoke Raw Denim

The ultimate luxury jean

Designed just for you.

Our bespoke denim is handmade, fitted & designed just for you. You will have the opportunity to select your denim, cut, thread color and placement for your individual jean, before being measured by an experienced J.TOOR fitter. Our “Made in America” bespoke denim doesn’t rely on loud pocket designs or artificial washes; the silhouette says it all. A custom fit and timeless design will ensure that our clients love the look and feel of their bespoke jeans for years to come.

If you have a pair of jean that you already love the fit of, J.TOOR can clone the fit of your perfect fitting pair of jeans. If you already know what you like and we aren’t able to take your measurements, having a jean cloned is the next best thing!

Exclusively made in Mississippi, Blue Delta Jean Co. offers unique styles ranging from the Americana to the Cali, all with minimalist design features and created by two pattern makers for the traditional 5 pocket style jeans.

  • 100% premium untreated raw denim
  • Blue Delta Jean Co. can clone your favorite pair of jeans to make multiple pairs
  • Constantly adding new fabrics and colors.

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