Bespoke & Made-To-Measure

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An encounter like no other

A special experience awaits those who believe there is something to be said about the way you present yourself to the world and how this makes you feel. Collaborate directly with the award winning design team at J. TOOR to create your own bespoke wardrobe.

Beyond bespoke suiting, our offerings include custom made: dress and casual shirting, wool and cashmere knits, bespoke raw denim and sportswear, dress shoes and handmade silk accessories such as silk ties, bow ties, scarves, and pocket squares.

Modern Bespoke Tailoring

J.TOOR is best known for our bespoke tailored garments for the sartorial man, woman or child (ages 2+).

Our modern bespoke service is truly a handcrafted process that offers the highest level of workmanship. A minimum of 60 hours of labor go into the creation of each handmade-bespoke garment. Our Bespoke garments take into account not only your measurements, but all the subtle nuances to your posture, stance and overall build. This results in a much more accurate, contoured and balanced garment than any made-to-measure or “custom “made garment.

Each client has an organic pattern individually crafted for them. Therefore, you may commission the construction of unique garments not otherwise available from the typical custom clothier such as: Norfolk jackets, Chesterfield coats, frogged velvet smoking jackets, Toastmaster coats and more. Whether you prefer versatile classics or statement show-pieces, no design request is too unique.

Our modern bespoke garment can typically be completed within 2 to 3 fittings. By virtue that each piece is hand-cut and hand sewn for each individual, it affords the wearer a level of fit, feel, wear and value that are unmatched in the marketplace.


Our modern bespoke garments have all the hallmarks of old-world tailoring without the restrictive cost or timeline of traditional bench tailoring.

  • We start by taking extensive measurements to create your own personal pattern that is individually drafted and catalogued.
  • We select fabrics only from the finest mills in Europe to ensure quality and longevity in our crafted garments. Fabric collections include: Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, SCABAL, Dormieul, Piecenza, Vitale Barberis Canonico and more.
  • We use the finest materials to construct your garment including: horse-hair canvassing, silk print and jacquard linings and assortment of mother-of-pearl, leather, horn, corozo and metal buttons.
  • Hand-sewn top collars, under collars, shoulder linings, armholes, sleeves and coat bottoms create a soft, supple fit and hang with a sturdy finish, that machine tailoring cannot achieve.
  • Hand-formed lapels and tacked canvassing allow for the garment to settle and shape to the wearer.
  • Throughout tailoring and during final fittings your garments are pressed and shaped by hand.


J.TOOR’s Made-to-Measure service offers an affordable alternative to bespoke tailoring for men’s garments. Made-to-Measure suits are the most common type of custom made suit found in the market and leverage efficiencies in both fit and design. It uses a pre-existing pattern as a basis for initial fit, which are then adapted to your specific measurements. At J.TOOR, we have made up these base patterns into actual garments that our clients can try on so that they can feel and visualize any adjustments being made to the pattern up-front.

You can choose your own fabrics, linings and multiple common design options such as shoulder expression, lapel style, pockets, buttons and stitching color, and linings but may be limited for more unique design requests. These garments are made with horsehair canvassing and combine machine make with optional hand finished details.

  • Your fabric is laser cut and the edges of the garment are pic stitched giving it an unmistakable custom look and finish – a standard on all of our garments.
  • Your coat is hand pressed at each stage of production, creating a garment that fits you properly and provides you a new level of comfort.
  • The button holes are sewn using a highly durable and natural thread that is necessary for a handsome finish.
  • Available with contrast color stitching and button holes.
  • Your name is embroidered on the coat lining

J.TOOR’s signature designs have been featured on the runway in New York Fashion Week, style publications, and worn regularly by notable personalities in the performing and fine arts world, professional sports and business.

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