Wedding & Special Occasion

Make A Lasting Impression

Dressing for the Occasion

It’s the biggest day of your life and you’ve never been happier. You’ve picked the perfect venue, the ideal decor, and have even hired a wedding photographer to immortalize this special occasion for all posterity.

Most weddings usually focus squarely on the Bride with a lot of time and money invested in making sure she looks, and feels, like a million bucks.

At J.TOOR we make sure that you, the Groom, shine just as brightly as your partner. Whether it’s a classic tuxedo, a tropical suit for a beach wedding, or a more contemporary styled garment that can be worn well after the wedding, we ensure that the silhouette, appearance and design of your garment will be a perfect fit for this special occasion.

Classic Tuxedo

In the world of formalwear, nothing beats the timeless elegance of a classic tuxedo in black or a midnight blue. Contrary to popular perception this does not mean that it has to always be conservative or otherwise, “boring.” At J.TOOR we offer a variety of subtle micro pattern and textured fabrics that look appropriately conservative from afar, but offer far more visual appeal when viewed up close or when interacting with light.

Dinner Jacket

For the Gentlemen who dares to be different, the Dinner Jacket is the perfect form of self expression. Ranging from traditional fabric patterns and colors to bold designs and colors, it allows you to paint a picture of your personality through the garment.

Destination Suit

Whether your getting hitched on a tropical beach, or attending a gala up on a scenic mountain top, you’ll want to be sure that your clothing will be appropriate for the occasion, location and climate. Our J.TOOR designers will help you pick and design the ideal garment that will take all of these important factors into account, all whilst making sure you look your best.

Perennial Suit

For the occasions where eveningwear may be too formal; a regular suit is often the go-to garment. We often design this “perennial” suit to have a long usable life either as a garment that’s worn regularly for work, or as a special occasion garment to be worn to fancy dinners or cocktail parties.

Finishing Touches

Every well dressed man knows that the difference in between a good outfit and a great one, is in the finishing details; the accessories. From the cufflinks all the way down to the shoes and even the fragrance; these finishing touches provide every gentleman the opportunity to express their individual style identity. At J.TOOR we can help complete the entire outfit down to the last detail to ensure that you look effortlessly at your best.

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